Frequently Asked Questions about MVQ*SAVINGSACE

1. What is SavingsAceSM?

SavingsAce is an online shopping program where you can earn unlimited cash back for all of your purchases. You can collect up to 30% cash back on purchases at over 500 popular retailers. Special games, polls, rebates and prize promotions help you earn hundreds of dollars in bonus cash back.

2. What does MVQ*SAVINGSACE mean, and why is it on my credit or debit card statement?

MVQ*SAVINGSACE is the billing descriptor for the SavingsAce program. It appeared on your credit or debit card statement because you enrolled in the program.

3. When or how did I enroll in SavingsAce?

Members like you can join in a variety of ways. You may have signed up by accepting an offer that we presented to you:

However you joined SavingsAce, we take careful steps to ensure you're fully informed of our program terms and conditions before completing your enrollment request. We ask you to complete a deliberate action — like typing your email address — to accept any offer. A Member Savings Representative will be happy to review your membership acceptance with you and answer any questions. You can cancel your program membership at any time by going to

4. How do I cancel my SavingsAce membership?

To cancel your membership, please visit and follow the instructions provided.

5. How do I use my SavingsAce benefits?

To access your benefits, just log in to the SavingsAce website, click on any vendor offer that appeals to you, then make your purchase on the vendor's website. The cash-back amount that you're eligible to receive through your purchase(s) will automatically be credited to your Cash Back Account. To chart your cash-back rebates over time, just visit the "My Orders" page, which is accessible through a link on your "My Account" page. (Also, as soon as you begin to receive cash back, you'll be able to see information about your cash-back earnings in the top left-hand corner of the SavingsAce home page.)

Whenever a purchase earns you cash back, the information will be updated in your Monthly Cash Back Balance as well as your Lifetime Cash Back Amount. (The Monthly Cash Back Balance will automatically revert to $0 when a new calendar month begins, and it will stay at $0 until your first qualifying cash-back purchase in that specific month. Your Life Cash Back Amount, on the other hand, will continue to grow with each purchase, regardless of when your purchase is made.)

During the first 3 to 5 days of the month following your qualifying purchase(s), your cash-back reward will automatically be applied to the credit or debit card that you used when signing up for your SavingsAce membership. To qualify for cash back, your SavingsAce membership must still be active on the day your cash back is credited to your credit or debit card.

6. Where can I find my membership number?

If you can't locate your membership number, we can provide you with it. Simply follow the instructions at

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